Important Documents


Simple Leaflet explaining errors of Hizbul Ulama (prepared for Ramadhan 1432 and distributed widely)

Qari Shu'aib's analysis of the Hizbul Ulama timetable

An excellent article on Subh Sadiq written by Imam of Croydon Musjid - Mufti Yusuf Danka

This is an email conversation I had with Hizbul Ulama in 2009.

How the timetable was produced in Glasgow

Mufti Taqi Uthmani's and Mufti Ibrahim Desai's fatwa on 18 degrees

Preston Observations of 18 degrees

Observations of Canadian Ulama of 18 degrees

Excellent observation report from Canada

PowerPoint Presentations showing how and why the Canadian Ulama came to their decision

Other important files about the Canadian decision including fatawa of scholars from all over the world


My response to Hizbul Ulama's article on "Whose timetable should I follow?"


A detailed analysis of 18 degrees by Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Kakakhel
Mufti Ismail Barkodrawi (Khantaria) fatwa on Hizbul Ulama's timetable including the question asked by Hizbul Ulama
Darul Ulum Karachi Fatwa on the Hizbul Ulama timetable. (Page 1 has question and typed answer, Page 2 has original answer by Darul Ulum Karachi - Mufti Taqi's signature is clear.)
Original Observations of Hizbul Ulama
How the timetable was produced in Glasgow - Urdu
Maulana Thanwi's (rahimahullah) references on 18 degrees. Some have accused him of saying that observing 2 days in a month is sufficient. These scans from his works prove otherwise.
Nawadirul Fiqh - Fatwa for people of Leicester
Various Fatawa on 18 degrees NEW
1983 Agreement Now with English Translation

Maulana Ahmed Reza Barelvi's (rahimahullah) research on Subh Sadiq:**Dar’a al-Qubĥ án Darki Waqti’s Şub’ĥ**


Calculating Islamic Prayer Times