Frequently Asked Questions -

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1) Whilst your timetable always uses 18 degrees for Fajr, why do you not use 18 degrees for 'Isha all year round?

Very good question in that those who say we should follow 18 degrees for Fajr, why don't they day the same for 'Isha.

This is to do with the evidences for when both salah times begin:


The verse of the Qur'an is quite explicit in this regard. It starts when the whiteness becomes clear from the blackness. The question is when does this actually occur. Ulama around the world including most recently in Preston and Canada and in the past in Pakistan and in Egypt and Syria (See Shami) have observed this whiteness appear at 18 degrees. This is why Fajr should be performed at 18 degrees.

There are several reasons why 'Isha is not also performed at 18 degrees:

1) The ahadith show that there are two views with regards to 'Isha a) when the redness fades, b) when the whiteness fades. Although the whiteness fades at 18 degrees according to the majority of the scholars with regards to the redness recent research shows that this can occur anytime between 12 - 17 degrees.

2) With regards to 'Isha there is a flexibility mentioned in Ahadith where according to all the Imams combining with Maghrib (Ahnaf -in Muzdalifah during Hajj, Shafi', Ahmed, Malik - Whilst travelling and other hardships) due to hardships is acceptable. For people to perform 'Isha, Tarawih and then have something to eat before Fajr (as early as 1am) is a hardship, for this reason 'Isha is performed earlier.

To sum up

Fajr is inflexible due to the clear Qur'anic verse about when Fajr time starts. Observations and Fatawa from the majority of the Ulama (99% according to Mufti Taqi) show that this starts at 18 degrees. Isha is more flexible as the ruling about the start time is not as clear cut and the definition of redness fading is also not as clear cut. Although following 18 degrees would be the ideal, due to hardship the Ulama have ruled that you can perform it earlier. For more details see Shaykh Yaqub Qasmi's book (Tahqeeq Subh Sadiq wa Kazib)